Who We Are & What We Do?

At the Metaverse University & the Play2Earn Academy we strive to teach anyone all things Metaverse from the basics to the expert level, whether you are a new user in this space looking for informational knowledge; or a potential digital asset investor looking to expand your knowledge and develop stellar digital asset investing analytical skills and strategies; or a DeFi gamer looking to earning extra income, while playing favorite smartphone/PC games.

With the educational services & e-learning courses we provide, teach, and support our e-students to further develop the necessary toolsets of digital asset investing in terms of strategy, due diligence, analytics and more. We help our members to reach their full potential and objectives with our e-learning course offering and other learning resources.

At the Metaverse University we will teach you how to research, select and analyze digital assets & cryptocurrencies, track trends, utilize various metrics to further apply the knowledge to develop strategies and to create and grow digital asset portfolios.

The Play2Earn Academy primarily focuses on the DeFi gaming community. At the academy you will learn how to select, play, and develop a winning game play strategy and tactics. Engage the games you enjoy, while expanding your income earning potential!

We are committed to doing what is best for each individual user utilizing the highest standards of
honesty, integrity, and transparency.

We take ownership and pride in our work, e-learning materials, tutoring, and consulting services. Our objectives support and are in-line with the community and the future of the Metaverse space.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, in order to facilitate the digital asset knowledge and promote digital asset investor e-learning opportunities in the Metaverse space. The Metaverse University provides educational opportunities to everyone! It does not matter if you are a newbie user or a veteran, you can always learn and develop new analytical tools to reach your digital asset goals & objectives.

With our e-learning solutions and strategic development plans, we strive to ensure that our members reach their full potential through customized solutions and educational consulting resources within our individualized learning environment & course development program.

The Metaverse University & Play 2 Earn Academy developed individualized learning & informational programs, based on the individual needs of our member e-students in accordance to their individual needs and overall educational/knowledge goals and objectives.

With our custom e-learning course materials and services we strive to teach and encourage each individual user to ask questions, learn, and study to develop the necessary skillset to meet their individual desired Metaverse educational objectives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create the one-stop-shop Metaverse e-learning educational platform for the entire DeFi community, where each member/user/e-student/potential investor or gamer receives fully personalized effective, equitable, and engaging learning experience through e-courses, tutoring via educational consultants, and individualized strategic development plans.

Our Values

Our values articulate our core beliefs that each member e-student will reach their full expert knowledge potential if given the right educational tools, e-learning solutions, and informational resources.
At the Metaverse University & P2E Academy we are fully committed to applying these values internally and externally within the Metaverse learning environment we created. As a team, we revisit these values often, effectuating changes as needed to further promote and facilitate the learning and educational development of each member & user.

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