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Platform/OS: PC
Blockchain: Ethereum
Genre: Tactical Card Game
Token/Crypto: Splinterlands
Ticker: SPS
Token Type: ERC-20 Utility Token

Description: This game is all about the passive gameplay with the main objective of deck building. Therefore, the main focus should be on building the deck vs. game playing strategy, since all the battles are automated. This is a great game for anyone who has less time to dedicate for gaming.
Cons: PC Only Game.


Platform/OS: IOS, Android, PC
Blockchain: Ethereum
Genre: Turn-based Battle Strategy
Token/Crypto: Axie Infinity
Ticker: AXS
Token Type: ERC-20 Utility Token

Description: Axie Infinity is one of the biggest names in earn to play category and most popular among the crypto gaming fans. Axie Infinity is a Pokémon-inspired universe that allows players to collect, breed, raise, battle, and trade creatures known as "Axies";.
You earn currency during the gameplay to pay breeding fees, trade NFTs and do much more. 
Cons: The entry cost is very high in comparison to other play-to-earn games.
PLAY/Download: https://axieinfinity.com


Platform/OS: PC
Blockchain: Ethereum
Genre: GameFi, DeFi Game
Token/Crypto: Avegotchi
Ticker: GHST
Token Type: ERC-20 Utility Token

Description: Description: Aavegotchi is a very unique token since it incorporates different features from P2E gaming, nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized finance (DeFi). 
Basically, it is DeFi hosted on the Aave protocol with Aavegotchi token representing a prominent game and a DeFi protocol simultaneously, where the users can stake tokens and earn crypto. Aavegotchi’s main focus is on earning crypto vs. creating gaming play-fun experience, it is focused more on the DeFi community players. Aavegotchi is still undergoing further development.
Cons: Not much fun & enjoyment playing it.
PLAY/Download: https://aavegotchi.com/play


Platform/OS: IOS, Android, PC
Blockchain: Ethereum
Genre: Fantasy Football; Fantasy Soccer
Token/Crypto: N/A
Ticker: N/A
Token Type: NFT cards using the ERC-721 token standard

Description: This Play-to-earn NFT game represents the largest NFT collection games that ever existed, since it has ties to real world football (soccer) and its stars who have endorsed Sorare.
This is a fantasy game of football/soccer, where players use digital cards to manage virtual teams, buy, sell & trade the digital cards. The tournament is free to enter.  
Basically, there are two ways to earn money in the game of Sorare: (1) Finish in a certain spot in any of Sorare #39's bi-weekly tournaments or (2) Tade/Sell cards that you bought or won. 
Each player card is represented as a non-fungible token NFT. 
Cons: Involves initial costs to play to purchase some of the better NFT cards.
PLAY/Download: https://sorare.com/


Platform/OS: PC
Blockchain: Ethereum
Genre: Trading Card Strategy Game
Token/Crypto: Gods Unchained
Ticker: GODS
Token Type: ERC-20 Utility Token

Description: Gods Unchained has been voted many times by the users as the most popular play-to-earn NFT-based Trading Card game powered by the Ethereum Blockchain.
Players collect cards as NFTs and can use them/trade them to improve or change the deck. The game is free to download and you can start playing right away.  You start this game with several pre-built decks. The action plan: the more you play, the more cards you earn, the more potential  growth to earn more. 
Cons: PC Only Game.
PLAY/Download: https://godsunchained.com/


Platform/OS: PC
Blockchain: Ethereum
Genre: VR Metaverse World
Token/Crypto: Sandbox
Ticker: Sand
Token Type: ERC-20 Utility Token

Description: The Sanbox is one of the most serious metaverse projects aiming to change all things internet and the world beyond it.
It’s not just a game, rather a universe, a platform promising to transform individual gaming experience and push its limits further. There are different environments and ecosystems at play.  Any player that wishes can own the digital land in the game and develop activities on it in future. The players can also stake and earn and there is always an activity any potential player could find they like in Sandbox. Simply put it’s a great game! Stay active and earn crypto! 
Cons: PC Only Game.
PLAY/Download: https://www.sandbox.game/en/


Platform/OS: PC
Blockchain: Ethereum & TRON
Genre: Simulation Game
Token/Crypto: MegaCryptoPolis
Ticker: MEGA
Token Type: ERC-20 Utility Token

Description: This simulation game is a virtual economy simulation and still in the development phase. Game is very popular since players can manage it, the game also features NFTs as player owned coins for trade/sell/use.
The game is very close to Sim City. During the game-play, the players are able also buy land,  develop it and earn potential resources. 
Cons: Still Under Development
PLAY/Download: https://mcp3d.com/


Platform/OS: IOS, Android, PC
Blockchain: Ethereum
Genre: Tower Defense Strategy
Token/Crypto: Tower (TOWER)
Ticker: TOWER
Token Type: ERC-20 Utility Token

Description: Crazy Defense Heroes is a mobile only game built for strategy defense game-play.  his game might not interest the crypto die-hards, but it is welcoming any newcomers interested in gaming; easy to play and simple to start a play.
Cons: Mobile Only
PLAY/Download: https://crazydefenseheroes.com/


Platform/OS: PC
Blockchain: EOSIO
Genre: MultiPlayer Action & Adveture
Token/Crypto: Blankos Bucks
Ticker: None
Token Type: In Game Currency

Description: Blankos Block party is a free play-to-earn multiplayer universe owned, built and maintained by its users - the community. This is a game where the players compete on levels created by the community. The platform is still under development.
Cons: Blankos Bucks is not cryptocurrency, therefore you cannot sell/exchange Blankos Bucks for cryptos; you can only sell items you purchase via in-game marketplace. 
PLAY/Download: https://blankos.com/


Platform/OS: PC
Blockchain: Ethereum
Genre: Play-to-earn NFT Racing
Token/Crypto: REVV
Ticker: REVV
Token Type: ERC-20 Utility Token

Description: REVV Racing is a racing genre play-to-earn crypto for all the sports racing gamer community. REVV is a very highly competitive game with annual tournaments and dedicated fan base. 
The tokens are earned through play and winning scores, ownership of race car NFTs, racks and other in-game assets. 
Cons: Involves initial entry costs
PLAY/Download: https://www.revvracing.com/


Platform/OS: PC
Blockchain: Ethereum
Genre: 3D Virtual World
Token/Crypto: Decentraland
Ticker: MANA
Token Type: ERC-20 Utility Token

Description: Decentraland is a decentralized 3D virtual reality platform - a software running on Ethereum blockchain with the main objective of operating a virtual world that has 90,601 parcels of land.
The network of users can buy/sell/trade/transfer the virtual plots of land and develop virtual projects on them in future. These virtual land parcels can be bought by the MANA cryptocurrency. The global network of users operates the Decentraland world while exploring it, interacting andplaying other games/activities within this virtual world. 
Cons: Still in development
PLAY/Download: https://decentraland.org/


Platform/OS: IOS/Android
Blockchain: IoTex
Genre: Trading Card NFT Game
Token/Crypto: Game Fantasy Token
Ticker: GFT
Token Type: ERC-20 Utility Token

Description: StarCrazy is currently one of the top most popular play-to-earn NFT games built on the IoTeX platform. The game revolves around collecting and creating NFTs - animated cats called Stars.
These NFTs differ in their abilities and characteristics depending how rare they are. Each NFT card cat has eight body parts, with a corresponding rarity status for each body part. The rarity ranges are: normal, rare and super rear. With these ranges they get unique characteristics in digging power called DigP.
StarCrazy also has a marketplace so that the players can bid, buy, sell and trade the Star NFTs. 
Cons: Involves initial entry costs
PLAY/Download: https://starcrazy.com/

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